'Bullets were flying right past me': Woman details rescue from hostage situation

MABLETON, Ga. — In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 Action News, a Cobb County mother describes the terrifying moments she and her daughter were held hostage by her ex-boyfriend.

Jessica Adams told Channel 2's Chris Jose that she believes her ex-boyfriend James Martin, 26, intended to kill her after she ended their five-year relationship.

She had called 911 on Martin just 14 hours before police said he shot and killed her grandmother, 80-year-old Faye Spruell on Tuesday.

Adams told Channel 2 Action News that she outside walking the dog when she heard the gunfire.

"My grandmother opened the door, and we have bullet holes everywhere. I guess he didn't know what he was shooting for," Adams told Jose.


Adams said Martin grabbed her daughter and barricaded the three of them inside her grandmother's room. She told Channel 2 that Martin forced her to put up clothes to cover the windows, so no one could see in.

“When he locked us in that room, I knew we were never getting out. He held the gun at her, told her to stay in the closet. He held the gun on me and he got in the closet with her," she said.

Adams described to Jose that it seemed like Martin was keeping them hostage forever. Martin held them inside with the gun pointed at their heads until SWAT arrived on the scene.

"When I moved [the gun], the SWAT team came in and bullets were flying right past me," said Adams, who rushed outside as the officers guided her and her daughter through the house.

"They picked me up and they carried us out all the way to the paramedics. And I really thank them because they saved our lives," Adams said.

Now that she and her daughter are safe, Adams is grieving the loss of her grandmother.

"My grandmother was such an amazing person. She was my best friend," she said.