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Metro commissioner says she was drugged at local sports bar, reason for ‘combative’ behavior

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Clayton County commissioner tells Channel 2 Action News that someone drugged her at an event over the weekend.

Commissioner Felicia Franklin told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne that her doctor says her behavior and symptoms were consistent with being drugged with GHB – better known as “the date rape drug.”

Morrow Police Sgt. Scott Stewart said Franklin is cooperating with an investigation and has made a statement, and that there is also police bodycam video and video from the camera system at a local sports bar and grill that could shine a light on key aspects of what happened.

“I just wanted to say thank you to the Morrow police and I think you said Lake City and the Morrow Fire Department and the medical team for their immediate response. That’s it, that’s all I really can say cause I don’t remember,” Franklin said as she came out of the Morrow Police Department on Monday.

“We’re looking at if any criminal aspects happened to her being a victim in this incident, if anyone might have done anything to her that night,” Stewart said about the investigation.

A spokesman for Franklin said she walked into the Morrow Police Department on Monday as a victim of crime and that there is a frightening -- but true -- explanation for the allegations made about her behavior in a document we obtained.

“I had a medical situation due to whatever happened with that drink,” Franklin said.

She told Winne that her doctor said her behavior and symptoms were consistent with someone having drugged her with GHB and the commissioner said she wants to send a message that if it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone and has happened to many.


“I know that this is something that happens all over, and as my doctor said, it happens more often than women are willing to say, so I’m going to let all law enforcement -- who I respect and believe can do their job well -- to complete their job,” Franklin said.

An official said the Lake City police report Winne obtained under the Open Records Act was made by a Lake City police sergeant who was working an off-duty job Friday night at 404 Sports Bar and Grill, which is in neighboring Morrow.

The report indicates at one point a female was lying on a bench and appeared to be crying, later appeared to have passed out, was unresponsive and Morrow fire and EMS were requested.

The report refers to the female’s intoxicated state and indicates she was identified by her driver’s license as Felicia Warner. Franklin said her former married name was Warner.

“As they were placing her in the rear of the ambulance, she vomited a clear, green liquid. Morrow EMS attempted to evaluate Warner in the rear of the ambulance, but she was becoming combative and would not let EMS evaluate her,” the report said. “Morrow EMS requested I follow behind them to the hospital.”

The report went on to say that at an intersection, the ambulance stopped, and the driver went to the rear of the ambulance because “Warner was being combative in that she was attempting to hit the lead paramedic in the face and was verbally abusive toward him. The paramedic was able to restrain her with the safety straps on the stretcher and we continued to Southern Regional.”

“This happened all the time in the communities and we’re just happy and supportive of her that the Lake City Police Department and the EMTs were available to assist her in her time of need,” Franklin’s spokesman Shaheen Solomon said.

The sports bar and grill posted a video on Instagram on Monday.

“We’re gathering all the facts for a clear understanding of the allegations and the parties involved in all, and the relevant details. We will remain transparent and sympathetic. We express sympathy to all those affected whatever their perceptions and allegations are. Our clear and concise organizational message is that we have treated and will continue to treat all of our patrons with respect and dignity,” Brandon Johnson said on behalf of 404 Sports Bar and Grill.

A Facebook post under Franklin’s name referred to a troubling experience that she recently faced while attending an event.

Solomon said he wanted to clear up it was not a City of Morrow event, not a community organization event, but simply a live music performance at a sports bar and grill.


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