Clayton County

Psychiatrist dubbed 'Dr. Death' asks to attend mother's funeral

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Long before he was dubbed “Dr. Death,” Jonesboro psychiatrist Narendra Nagareddy was known across metro Atlanta’s southside as the go-to physician for prescription drug addicts.

However, back in May, an 28-page indictment obtained by Channel 2's Mark Winne accused Nagareddy of running a pill mill out of his Clayton County office.

The indictment said Nagareddy illegally prescribed dangerous and addictive narcotics without a medical purpose to three people, which caused their overdose deaths.

Nagareddy now faces three counts of murder in a 62-count indictment in Clayton for prescribing powerful medication to patients for no therapeutic reasons. He has asked the court to modify conditions of his bond.


Nagareddy is currently on house arrest and asked to be able to leave home to go to work, to worship, to visit his attorney and to travel to India to attend the funeral of his mother, who died in a car accident.

District attorney Tracy Graham Lawson opposed Nagareddy leaving home for work or to worship.

And she said she is sorry for the loss of his mother, but if he goes to India the judge fears he will never be found again.

The judge denied Nagareddy's requests to travel overseas and  to leave home to worship, but allowed him to visit his attorney and to leave home to work.

Nagareddy will be tracked via ankle monitor wherever he goes.

His attorneys said there's no evidence he is a flight risk.

The wife of one of the overdose victims was not happy that the bond was modified and said the doctor needs to be behind bars.