Clayton County

College student killed while visiting metro Atlanta home during Christmas break

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A man shot and killed a college student while he was home on Christmas break and then went and had dinner with his family at Chuck E. Cheese after the murder, investigators said.

Iseir George, 18, was home from Albany State for the holiday break on Dec. 21 when he was killed outside his family's Clayton County home.

A fugitive squad later tracked down and arrested the suspect, Dakarai Tolbert, 24, at a Chuck E. Cheese with his girlfriend and their kids.

Channel 2's Nicole Carr was in Clayton County, where Tolbert faced a Clayton County judge on murder charges.

Carr spoke with George's parents, Alfred and Aisha Drayton, who said Tolbert posted on social media that he was at the family-friendly restaurant, where he was arrested.

"That was disturbing to me," Alfred Drayton said. "Like how could you murder someone's child and enjoy a night out with your family at Chuck E. Cheese?"

In Tolbert's court appearance Thursday, investigators said George got a call from Tolbert, asking him to meet him outside their Broad River home.

George was shot in front of his home before an SUV peeled away.

Alfred Drayton found his son wounded in the front yard. He remembered his son's last words.

"When I heard those shots I ran outside. He looked at me and he said, 'Get help,'" Drayton said.


George's mother, Aisha Drayton, said the family does not know Tolbert.

"Never seen him before," Aisha Drayton said. "No one that we knew."

Police said cellphone records traced the call back to a phone that's owned by Tolbert's girlfriend, Carina Robertson.

Police found an SUV that sped away from the Drayton's house at Robertson's home.

Aisha Drayton had one question for her son's killer.

"Why did you have the audacity to come to our home and take something so promising from us/" she asked.

The Draytons said George donated his bone marrow to help save his sick sister. The one silver lining is that George was able to save a life before his was so senselessly taken.

Tolbert is being held without bond.

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