Clayton County

Man seen in beaten in viral video moved to different jail, calls for charges against fired deputy

The man seen on video pinned to the ground and punched by a fired Clayton County deputy has been transferred from the Clayton County jail to a different jail overnight.

Attorneys have been working for days to have Roderick Walker released from the Clayton County jail, and according to records, he has. But he was taken to the Fulton County jail for a probation violation.

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Video circulated widely on social media Friday of several deputies pinning a bleeding man to the concrete as upset family members scream in the background. On Sunday, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill fired one of the deputies.

Lawyers identified the man beaten in the video as Walker, who was booked on two counts of battery and two counts of obstruction.

Walker’s attorney Shean Williams has demanded the charges against Walker be dropped and for deputies in the video to be criminally charged.

“He didn’t resist anything. He was arrested and told to get out of the car when he didn’t commit any crime," Williams said.

The investigation into the case is now in the hands of the district attorney’s office.


Cell phone video starts during the confrontation between the deputies and Walker. Williams is now requesting for possible body camera video that could better detail the moments leading up to the incident.

Williams said Walker and his family had just dropped off their rental car and were riding back home with a friend when deputies stopped the car for a broken tail light.

Williams said the deputies then asked Walker, who was the passenger, not the driver, for his ID. But Walker told them he didn’t have his ID.

“Then he gets out because they tell him to because he asked the question, ‘Why are you questioning me and I wasn’t driving the vehicle,'" Williams said.

In the video, you can see a deputy repeatedly punch Walker in the face while trying to place him under arrest. Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill terminated the deputy on Sunday.

In a statement, Hill said a signature bond for Walker was order but said he has a felony probation warrant out of Fulton County. Williams said that claim is nothing but a distraction.

“It was an attempt to deflect. The bottom line is that it had nothing to do with why he’s in jail. He’s in jail because your officer illegally violated his constitutional right," he said.