City officials continue to cite a Midtown club but neighbors are unhappy that it’s open

ATLANTA — Atlanta city officials are tacking on more code violations to a controversial club on 14th Street, but the club is still open and neighbors are furious.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Richard Belcher says the city told us months ago it had three ongoing investigations.

The owners of the club say it’s a comedy club. Neighbors contend it’s a nightclub that is far too loud well into the night.

Neighbors say there seems to be no sense of urgency at the city.

“Nothing has fundamentally changed. In fact, I don’t see anything changing,” said Sene Sorrow.


Sorrow lives on State Street right behind the club and regularly calls police to complain about the noise level from what the owner says is a comedy club.

Sorrow moved into the neighborhood when the building housing the club was still a church. She doesn’t buy the club’s comedy claim.

“There’s not been comedy here since October of 2018, 2019,” said Sorrow.

A neighbor provided pictures taken by another resident who is actively pushing the city to shut down Relapse, or at least rein it in.

The parking lot was packed for an event Kathy Boehmer says went on until 4 a.m. in mid-November.

Sorrow says the lot was empty last night, but she called police because noise was still a problem.

“I came out to talk to the officers. They said they were handling it. I gave them some information. They said fine. Please go back inside. We’re handling it.”

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The club still has a stop work order from August. Neighbors say the club ignored it and continued to install HVAC units.

A violation notice was hung on the front door one day after Channel 2 called about the club.

Sorrow believes inspectors showed up only because Channel 2 News called.

“There is no reason why this business or operator would proactively do anything with the city because everyday that they can have, run a nightclub, they make a lot of money. There’s no sense of urgency, and the neighbors and the neighborhood are suffering,” said Sorrow.

Club owner Robert Wood didn’t respond to messages sent by Channel 2 News.

A city spokesman said the club was fined for installing its HVAC without a permit, but the status of investigations by the Atlanta police department and the city solicitor remains unclear tonight.