Students want teachers fired for using “N word” during class

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Two teachers have been disciplined for using what a local school district calls inappropriate and offensive language.

Students say the teachers repeatedly used the “N word” in class. Now some of those students want the instructors fired.

Students sent Channel 2′s Tom Jones video of an organized sit in they held at Luella High School Thursday. It’s where students expressed their frustration with how the school handled the incident.

“I was in the room when it happened,” said student Joi Finch.

She said her teacher was perplexed about student’s constant use of the racial slur.

“She was just like saying how it was not right that she couldn’t say it, white people couldn’t say it, and Black people were saying it over and over,” Finch explained.

She said the teacher used the actual racial slur in her discussion.

“It was really shocking to hear her say the words that she did,” the student said.

It set off a firestorm.


“She should know that it’s a racial slur,” student Khi Walker said as she left the campus.

The school system released a statement where it was made aware of some highly inappropriate and unacceptable word choices by members of faculty. The statement went on to say employment action has been taken but details of teacher discipline is protected by law.

Some students think the teachers should be fired.

“Hopefully they’ll be transferred somewhere else,” Khi said, emphasizing she’d prefer they be fired.

Others aren’t so sure about termination.

“I don’t know if it’s worth losing a job over,” student Jeremiah Brea said.

Parent Tracey Bradley said it appears one teacher was trying to educate students and maybe went about it the wrong way.

She’s not so sure about firing anyone over this.

“Maybe reprimanded but this is somebody’s career,” she said.

Some students and staff say they have heard from the teachers and they said they are still employed.

One staff member says one of the teachers apologized and said some of the students took what she said out of context.