Remains of another K-9 found at home of former officer

CANTON, Ga. — The Cherokee County Marshal’s Office says it has recovered the remains of a K-9 at the one time home of former Cherokee County school resource officer Daniel Peabody.

Peabody is

The remains were examined by a forensic veterinarian on July 5 were found to be that of a Belgian Malinois around 10 years old. %



Authorities said it was likely killed by a gunshot, not the remains of the yellow Labrador that Peabody claimed to have shot and killed.

"Just from a personal perspective, I couldn't shoot a dog in the head like that," Chief Ron Hunton said.
Hunton is reacting to the latest dog death he says is connected to Peabody.
Police charged Peabody with aggravated animal cruelty in June when his K-9 named Inca died after they say Peabody left Inca in his hot patrol car.      
Investigators don't believe Peabody intentionally killed Inca, but say he lied when they asked him about the death of another K-9, Dale.
"Originally, he told us that Dale had choked on a tennis ball in his crate at the home and later he said that he had shot and killed the dog," Hunton said.
That led the marshal's office to Peabody's former home in Paulding County.
They found animal remains there, but now say those remains do not belong to Dale.
In a bizarre twist, investigators say the remains are likely those of yet another dog -- the grandmother of Inca, the dog that died in the hot car.
"The dog was aged and in ill health, according to Peabody, and he shot the dog," Hunton said.
Meanwhile, investigators still haven't been able to find the remains of Dale and say Peabody has lawyered up and isn't talking.
"We are put here on this earth to take care of animals and people and things that are defenseless and can't take care of themselves," Hunton said.