Cherokee County

Nurse accused of stealing medications from patients at senior living home

Alan Kenny

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — A man is facing multiple charges after authorities said he stole pain medication from patients at an assisted living facility.

Alan Kenney, a licensed practical nurse worked at one of top assisted living communities in metro Atlanta.

This week, Woodstock police pulled him over for an expired tag and noticed some suspicious packages in the car. They then called in county narcotics officers.

“Those agents went down, started looking through the car and found Fentanyl, methadone, found a variety of drugs, some of which were labeled in the names of patients,” said Phil Price, the Cherokee multi-state narcotics squad.

Investigators said the medications included Fentanyl patches, often prescribed for people in severe chronic pain and more than two dozen opioid pills, along with other medicine that surprised officials.

“About a dozen blood medications, there medications for Parkinson’s,” Price said.

Authorities said they believe the nurse stole the medications after they had been dispensed, but before they were delivered to residents of the assisted care home.

Investigators said the number of residents whose medications were taken could be a dozen, perhaps more.

“This didn't just happen. This has been an ongoing thing,” Price said.


Kenney could face additional charges of elder abuse, if investigator determine patients’ health suffered from not getting their medications.

“We don't know what it's done to them personally, as far as not getting their medication,” Price said. “I just find this very troubling very offensive.”

Management at Benton House declined an interview but said they have fully informed residents and their families, and are cooperating with local and state investigations in the alleged theft of drugs by the former nurse.

“If there is a crime that is egregious to me personally, it's if you do something to a child or an elderly person,” Price said.

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