• Woman says Facebook comments led to threats from KKK

    By: Carl Willis


    BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. - A woman says members of the KKK are threatening her family after an argument on Facebook.

    The Bartow County Sheriff’s office is investigating it as a case of terroristic threats.

    The woman, who did not want to be identified, said someone questioned in a Facebook post if a Martin Luther King Jr. statue should be taken down since Confederate statues and signs are being removed.

    “What I said was, ‘Wow. Are we really talking about this? Is this a joke?” she said.

    Somewhere in the comments, she managed to catch the attention of a self-proclaimed member of the Ku Klux Klan. He claimed she was threatening him and his family and in turn posted pictures of her children and her work address.

    The woman said it wasn’t long before she received dozens of threatening messages in her inbox.


    “One lady messaged me and told me I’d be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life. One man said, ‘You don’t mess with the Klan,’" she said.

    The woman, who is white and has a black husband and biracial children, said some messages targeted her family’s makeup.

    “(They said) my kids are going to go to hell. We’re not supposed to mix races. I know where you work. I know where your family lives,” she said.

    Channel 2’s Carl Willis contacted the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office and learned an investigator has been assigned to the case.

    The woman said she is now living in fear.

    “It’s anxiety and paranoia. I’m constantly looking out of the window,” the woman said. “I literally won’t go anywhere without my gun. I won’t go to the bathroom without my gun.”

    Willis tried to contact the man who took offense to the woman's post, but the phone numbers were not current. The sheriff's office said it will be doing extra patrols around the woman's home.

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