• U.S. Labor Secretary thanks workers at Anheuser-Busch plant

    By: Sophia Choi


    BARTOW COUNTY, Ga - A big effort garnered a big thank you, from the U.S. Labor Secretary for Anheuser-Busch employees.

    The Bartow County workers are sending a million cans of water to flood ravaged Texas and Louisiana. That’s on top of the half million cans, the company sent last week.

    To get the job done, employees decided to work on Labor Day.

    Secretary Alexander Acosta said “they’re working for their fellow Americans. They’re helping the people of Texas. So what better way to celebrate Labor Day than helping others.”

    Anheuser-Busch has 1,100 employees in the greater Houston area.

    Senior Brewmaster, Sarah Schilling said “we know that all of our employees from those facilities are themselves safe.  However approximately 10 percent have been affected, have devastation.”

    The Cartersville plant is the only Anheuser-Busch facility that can switch from canning beer to water.

    The company typically stockpiles emergency water but with the great need now due to Hurricane Harvey, the company ramped up the water canning production.

    Since starting the emergency water program in 1989, Anheuser Busch has delivered 76 million cans of water to hard hit areas.

    As for this latest delivery, Schilling said “this is some of the purest, cleanest drinking water I’d say that you’d ever have. I hope the find it extremely refreshing, especially considering it’s something that they’ve been enduring without.”  

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