Woman says her Lyft driver attacked her

ATLANTA — A woman says her Lyft driver assaulted her, leaving her with bumps and bruises. A witness saw it happen and helped her call 911.

The victim told Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez the attack happened along Lenox Road on June 9.

Kerri Bush said from the moment the driver pulled up he had an attitude. Seconds later, she said he attacked her.

The victim said from the moment the driver pulled up he had an attitude.

Bush told Jaquez she needed medical attention after she claims her Lyft driver assaulted her along the Buckhead street.

"The look in his eyes, I have never seen that," Bush said.

While her physical wounds are healing Bush said she's still distraught over the incident.

"I have never had anyone attack me like that,” Bush told Jaquez. "He grabbed me and was holding me. I'm kicking him, screaming, crying."


Bush said she left work at Lenox Square and needed to get home to get ready for her second job, so she asked her boyfriend to order her a Lyft.

She said things didn't go well from the moment the driver pulled up in his silver Infinity.

“He told me I could not have a drink in his car.” Bush said. “At the time, I was like why not? Because I saw a drink in the front seat of his car. He proceeded to tell me this is his car. Take the drink out.”

She said she threw the drink away, but things escalated when he got out of the car.

“He's threatening to punch me, telling me to leave. I call 911. This man snatches the phone from my face and throws it in the middle of traffic,” Bush said. “The man pushes me from the trunk of his car, to the hood of his car, and I just slide in the street.

Moments later, she says he jumped into his car and took off. She said she reached out to Lyft but they weren't helpful.

In a statement, a LYFT spokesperson told Jaquez: “Safety of the Lyft community is our top priority. This type of violence is completely unacceptable and we take any incident like this very seriously. The driver in this incident has been permanently deactivated from the Lyft platform. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in any investigation.”

Bush said she's happy he is no longer driving for Lyft, but she said she's ready to file assault charges against the man.

Jaquez checked and Atlanta police are investigating the case.