Video shows APD officer berating MARTA bus driver in apparent road rage incident

ATLANTA — Surveillance video caught an Atlanta police officer berating a MARTA bus driver because she merged into his lane.

He's now under investigation for his conduct.

Chanel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes was in northwest Atlanta where the incident happened Nov. 23 at the intersection of North Avenue and Techwood Drive. Surveillance cameras captured what happened from several different angles.

The video shows the officer pull in front of the bus, which had just merged into his lane, jump out of his personal car and scream profanities at the bus driver, Rosmaree Holiday.

Holiday told Fernandes she was stunned when she saw the uniformed officer acting that way in the middle of North Avenue. Holiday said she didn't know what the off-duty officer was going to do next.

"It was scary. The worst part was when he went to arm himself, he went into his car," Holiday said. "And where I'm from, you get a gun, you're going to want to use it. I thought he was going to light me up."

Holiday told Fernandes she thinks the officer should be fired for what he did, because she said he can't control his anger.

"You know my company tells me, 'When you wear this uniform, you’re representing us. And whether you’re in the grocery store after work, you’re representing MARTA," Holiday said. "He’s representing Alanta police."

Police told Fernandes that the officer won't face any charges, but they did investigate right away and he was disciplined.

"The officer was immediately relieved of duty, and continues to be in on administrative assignment with no law enforcement duties," Atlanta police said in a statement. "We found the officer to be in violation of our policies regarding appropriate conduct, and he is awaiting disciplinary action."

Police said they haven’t decided how many days to suspend the officer, but as of right now, he’s keeping his job.