Trump attorney remains defiant after turning himself in over Georgia election investigation

ATLANTA — Two defendants have surrendered so far in the Georgia election interference investigation, and the other 17 have until noon on Friday to do the same.

The big one Tuesday was Donald Trump’s former attorney John Eastman. Eastman was the man the Jan. 6 Committee described as one of the architects of the attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

After he was released from jail Tuesday, Eastman remained defiant.

“I’m here today to surrender to an indictment that should never have been brought,” Eastman told reporters.

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Even after multiple investigations proved there was no voter fraud in Georgia, Eastman still insisted the 2020 election had been stolen and was critical of the racketeering indictment brought against him and 19 others.

“It represents a crossing of the Rubicon for our country, implicating the First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances,” Eastman said.


But Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis alleges in the indictment that Eastman and others did more than just petition the government.

The indictment claims Eastman, and Trump’s other attorneys including Rudy Giuliani, lied at a subcommittee hearing in December 2020 making broad allegations of massive voter fraud without any evidence, and insisting the legislature had the legal authority to overturn the election and pick the president itself.

“What about those false statements made during the subcommittee hearing about 138,000 illegal votes cast when every investigation showed there wasn’t?” Elliot asked Eastman.

“I’m not taking any questions and answers, but my attorney can answer anything,” Eastman said.

Eastman’s attorney David Wolfe defended his client saying he will be proven innocent, but insisted he answer no more questions before leaving.

Another defendant, Scott Hall, also surrendered Tuesday.

He’s implicated in the break-in of the Coffee County elections office.

Meanwhile, over at the courthouse, another Trump attorney, Jenna Ellis negotiated a bond.

Former Georgia GOP chair David Shafer and state Sen. Shawn Still negotiated bonds on Tuesday as well.