• This Atlanta company will deliver gas to your car

    By: Andria Simmons | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    Sometimes convenience stores aren’t so convenient, especially when you in a rush and don’t have time to stop for gas. And then there’s gas shortages, like Atlanta’s current shortages following an Alabama pipeline leak.

    But with some pre-planning, there could be an easier way. Yoshi, a gasoline delivery service that debuted in March, can dispatch fuel trucks to your office parking lot or home on a weekly basis.

    Yoshi even posted on their Instagram account, writing: “Atlanta, we see those lines and we cringe. Skip the lines and order gas from your phone!”


    @startyoshi on Instagram

    The idea is intriguing — it saves commuters the travel time and gasoline that are typically wasted just getting to the pump. But it’s not free. Membership is $15 a month.


    Image provided by Yoshi.

    The company says that $15 cost includes more than just gasoline delivery. It entitles members discounted gas prices and other perks like tire servicing, car washes, details and 24-hour concierge service.

    To learn more, go to www.startyoshi.com.

    The service is already available in San Francisco and Nashville. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users.

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