Seriously? Man arrives home to find crosswalk leading to middle of driveway

ATLANTA — An Atlanta man said he came home from work to find a bizarre surprise – a new crosswalk that leads into the middle of his driveway.

Matthew Miller told Channel 2's Justin Wilfon that he couldn't believe what he saw when he got home Wednesday afternoon from work.

“It’s ridiculous. It makes no sense. It’s the craziest thing I’ve seen,” Miller said about the bizarre crosswalk that has been placed along Argule Lane. “I was baffled. I sort of felt like I had been punked.”

But it was all too real. Miller even gave Wilfon video footage from his security camera of workers installing the crosswalk right in front of the driveway of his home in the West Highlands subdivision in northwest Atlanta.

“I definitely think that if you look at it, it’s one of the craziest things you’ve ever seen,” Miller told Wilfon.


The crosswalk does lead from a sidewalk on the other side of the road, but Miller believes it’s a hazard when backing out of his driveway and threatens his safety.

“From a security prospective, I’m sure it puts a lot of unneeded attention on the house,” Miller said.

He believes either the builder of the subdivision or the HOA ordered the crosswalk’s installation.

Wilfon called the builder -- Brock Built Homes -- but they told him they didn’t do it.

He also contacted two officials with the HOA on Thursday night, but so far, he has not heard anything back.

“Someone had to authorize this, whether it’s the HOA or the builder,” Miller said.

But for now, the mystery lingers over this crosswalk controversy.

“I would like to see the error, which it is in my opinion, I would like to see the error fixed,” Miller told Wilfon.

Another crosswalk was installed next to Miller’s house that leads from sidewalk to sidewalk.

Miller told Wilfon that it’s all the more reason the strange crosswalk doesn’t need to be there.

Friday afternoon, Miller contacted Channel 2 Action News to say crews returned to the crosswalk and started removing it.