Repeat burglar caught on camera falling through store ceiling stole cigarettes, cash

ATLANTA — Atlanta police are looking for a repeat burglar.

Surveillance video shows the intruder falling through the ceiling of Reggie’s Food Mart along Dill Street early Monday morning.

Investigators say this is the third time this month that the suspect has targeted the store.

Atlanta police released surveillance video Tuesday showing the suspect breaking into the store.

“They have a big hole up there. They’ve made a big hole,” neighbor Perry Shepherd told Channel 2′s Elizabeth Rawlins.

Police say the suspect stole cash and cigarettes. Now, the store is closed.

“They are coming and getting whatever they want,” Shepherd said.


At one point surveillance video captures the suspect trying to break down the front door but that was from the inside when investigators say he was trying to escape.

When he was unsuccessful, he was forced to leave from where he came in.

“If they came into my place, they wouldn’t be able to get out. The police are going to get here before they get out,” a nearby business owner said, asking not to be identified.

Rawlins spoke to the store owner over the phone Wednesday, who told her the property damage far outweighs the cash and cigarettes that were stolen.

He says the repairs will cost him thousands and that cost will only increase every day the business remains closed until it can reopen.

“You’ve got all of these older folks around here and they are trying to go to the store,” Shepherd said.

It’s unclear how long the store will be closed.