Armed robber crawls into Buckhead McDonald's drive-thru

ATLANTA — Police are searching for a McDonald’s robber who they say held employees at gunpoint and rang up a Big Mac before getting into the cash drawer.

The workers at the restaurant on Cheshire Bridge in Atlanta said they were left shaken by the incident. 
Police said the masked man climbed through of the drive-thru window around 3:30 a.m. He then rang up a Big Mac and Coke before looting a cash register, police said.

“(He was) at the register, casually opening the register, and removing cash,” said Atlanta Police Capt. Andrew Senzer.

Several workers were inside at the time preparing breakfast. One startled employee told Channel 2 Action News the robber surprised her and then waved a pistol.

“I screamed, and ran hoping he didn't shoot. I just prayed he didn't shoot,” said employee Bianca Moses.

The doors of restaurant were locked at time, and employees said the crook clearly had a plan worked out ahead of time, but got rattled when the employee started screaming.


“I just think her coming around the corner and probably screaming the way she did, which kind of scared him a little, said, ‘Hey, I need to go,’” said employee Jenea Campbell.

Police said the robber stashed the cash in his pocket and walked out.

Some restaurant customers said the early drive-thru hold-up isn't something they'd expect at this McDonald's.

"It's in a nice location. Somebody climbed through the window?” said customer James Fisher.

Atlanta police are checking to see if the robbery is linked to recent robberies at two other locations.

In January, a robber climbed through a McDonald's drive-thru window in DeKalb County. In February, an armed robber held up a couple at a McDonald's drive through in Duluth.

Armed robber crawls into Buckhead McDonald's drive-thru

This new video shows the moment police said a man climbed through the drive-thru window of a McDonald's and rang up a Big Mac and Coke before looting a cash register ... 😱

Posted by WSB-TV on Friday, March 2, 2018