Is takeout food safe from coronavirus?

ATLANTA — With most restaurants only offering takeout or delivery, a lot of people are asking, how safe is it?

Channel 2′s Carol Sbarge contacted food safety expert Francisco Diez about those concerns. He is the director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia.

“Yes, it's safe for people to eat. The food is not a vehicle for the transmission of the coronavirus,” he told Sbarge.

Diez said if people feel better disinfecting bags or containers the food comes in, do it. But he said historically viruses are not transmitted by eating food.


“We are constantly washing our hands, which we have to anyway. I mean every time we touch some plates, we have to wash our hands. But we’re kind of going overboard with that,” said Anthony Tiberia, owner of Sprig.

Tiberia told Sbarge he normally has 40 employees. Not everyone is working right now. He decided to do the takeout and delivery route to help some of his workers.

“It would've been a lot cheaper for us if we had closed but we know a lot of people rely on us to pay the rent,” Tiberia said.

The Food and Drug Administration also backs up Diez's assessment that it is safe to eat takeout.

The FDA said there’s no evidence that takeout food or food packages have been associated with the transmission of the virus.