What is an essential business and how to report companies violating shelter-in-place order

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ATLANTA — If you believe you know of a business that is violating the shelter-in-place order there are steps on how to report the business.

[READ: Guidance and FAQs about the executive order]

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Only essential businesses will be open. But what does essential mean?

Most federal, state and local leaders agree that essential business includes: Gas stations, grocery and convenience stores, blood donation centers and health care providers. There’s also banks, electricians, exterminators and more. For the full list of essential businesses, consult the governor’s executive order.

There is, , guidance from the Department of Homeland Security on what are essential businesses — that is, businesses in which essential critical infrastructure workers are involved. They are as follows:

  • Financial
  • Healthcare and public health
  • Water
  • Dams
  • Transportation systems
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Defense industrial base
  • Information technology
  • Food and agriculture
  • Government facilities
  • Critical planning
  • Nuclear reactors, materials and waste
  • Commercial facilities
  • Emergency services
  • Communications

To report a violation of the Governor’s Executive Order, CLICK HERE. This will take you to a form to fill out. Please include the following information in your report:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • County
  • Telephone Number
  • Specific details of the complaint
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