Google Doodle honoring Luther Vandross’ 70th birthday designed by Atlanta artist

ATLANTA — If you clicked on Google at all Tuesday, then you were met with a video honoring what would have been the 70th birthday of legendary singer Luther Vandross.

The cartoon that accompanied the video was done by Atlanta-based guest artist Sam Bass.

“Luther Vandross brought happiness and joy into so many people’s lives through his music. His songs are iconic and internationally known. During a time with so many horrible things in the news, it’s great to get to do something like this,” Bass told Google.


Vandross’ music career has culminated in a total of eight Grammy Awards (out of 33 nominations), a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a 1997 Super Bowl half-time show performance, and eight Billboard Top 10 albums, Google stated.

“My current work focuses on character based illustrative looks for various clients. My diverse background in design, illustration, traditional media, and digital animation allows me to work fluidly and flexibly in a multitude of styles and ideas,” Bass said on his website about his work.

Click below to see the full video honoring Vandross: