Father robbed, left for dead outside apartment complex

ATLANTA — A young father was robbed and shot five times outside of a northwest Atlanta apartment complex.

Jerrod Dumas, 30, said he was visiting a friend June 20 at the complex on Huff Road.

While he was at the call box, he said a man pulled out a gun, said, “Don’t move,” stole his watch and other items and then shot him five times.

“I knew I was badly injured because of the blood. It was like every time I was breathing, there was blood squirting out of my neck,” Dumas said.

Dumas said one of the bullets hit him in the neck. Another bullet caused severe nerve damage in his arm.


“He came and shot me again in my back after he took everything,” he said.

Dumas said he managed to get into his car and drive, and eventually flagged down an officer along Northside Drive near 17th Street.

“I couldn’t use my phone because there was blood all over my phone. Siri wouldn’t work and plus, I didn’t have a voice to talk,” he said.

Atlanta police identified the suspect as Demario Thornton, 32. They said they are working to make an arrest.

Dumas said the shooter didn’t take everything, which likely saved his life.

“Usually the robber takes your phone, your keys, all of that. Just the fact if he would have done that, I would have probably died because there was no one in sight,” he said.

Dumas said the shooter drove off in a four-door Bentley.

More than one month and two surgeries later, Dumas is still undergoing rigorous therapy on his arm and for his voice. He said he’s not mad at the shooter.

“I know it’s a bigger plan for him. I’m just trying to get better right now. That’s what I’m focused on for my family,” Dumas said.

GoFundMe page has been set up if you would like to help.