City holds input meeting about development of Turner Field

Neighbors near Turner Field are getting a first look at several proposals to redevelop the area after the Atlanta Braves leave next year.

Hundreds of people showed up Saturday to share their input on three different proposals are with different ways to bring what neighbors want most: walkable space and green space.

“It looks like there's some really great plans that are ahead of us,” said Peoplestown resident Sarah Melgen.

Turner Field will soon be the home of the Georgia State University football team. %



With that, city officials see an opportunity to transform Hank Aaron Boulevard into something special.

“A wonderful boulevard for people to come and have a walkable environment, increase transit service there,” said Jessica Lavandier with the city of Atlanta.

All three concepts call for different ways to turn parking lots and vacant land into walkable blocks and green space.

“(We want to) have parks, break up this area as a tight grid and also incorporate,” Lavandier said.

Neighbors say the area next to Turner Field is an up-and-coming one with promise.

“You can tell there's a community there,” Melgen told Johnson.

But they want to see future redevelopment bring some basic services too.

“There isn't anywhere to like go out to eat or go to the grocery store so if we had something like that it would be good,” said Peoplestown resident Dorothy Pinney.

This event is the 17th meeting to discuss the future of the neighborhood and residents say they don't want their input to go to waste.

“I really hope that's redeveloped in a way that's conscious of the people that live here,” said midtown resident Elliot Sperling.

The next event is an open house in June at the Fanplex nearby where organizers will discuss all the input they've received and they'll talk about making recommendations to the city and Georgia State.