• Use the Atlanta BeltLine? Big safety improvements coming to part of popular trail

    By: Steve Gehlbach


    ATLANTA - Big changes are on the way for the original two miles of Atlanta’s BeltLine. Construction starts in the next of couple weeks on new lights and cameras.

    Two million people use the popular trail each year, especially during early mornings and nights. The section from Piedmont Park to Irwin Street is dark and does not have any lighting.

    Newer sections of the Atlanta BeltLine do have the LED light fixtures and surveillance cameras already in place.

    “When the lights kick on, it’s amazing to see the difference,” one walker said.


    Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach talked with Kevin Burke, the BeltLine's director of design about the changes.

    Burke told Gehlbach crews will install 113 new lights and two dozen more cameras to make this part of the trail much brighter. 

    "The cameras we use can see up to a 1,000 feet, but some sections with bends you have to have them closer together because you don’t want any blind spots," Burke said.

    Many walkers and joggers said they will feel safer with the upcoming changes.

    “Generally, I feel safe either way, but it adds that protective layer for us walking on the BeltLine," one walker said. 

    “When the lights kick on, it’s amazing to see the difference,” another walker said.

    The work will start in phases from Monroe Drive down to the Irwin Street crossing. Crews will block about half of the trail at a time to install the new poles and trenches for wiring.

    But the BeltLine will stay open during construction. 

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