• Atlanta man arrested 70 times -- and keeps ending up back on the street

    By: Dave Huddleston


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police say they've arrested the same man 70 times -- and they're tired of it! 

    Eddie Brantley, 46, was most recently arrested March 7 while driving a stolen car, according to investigators.

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    Police say a woman left her car running as she went to pick up her dry cleaning in Midtown. When she came back out, the car was gone. Three hours later, police say they pulled over Brantley in that car. Brantley is charged with theft by receiving stolen auto.

    This arrest was the 70th time Atlanta police have arrested Brantley. His first arrest was in June 1990. His charges over the years have included 13 for theft, 18 for drug violations, 19 for probation parole violations, 10 for battery and 31 for others, including armed robbery.


    And while it may not be 70 times in each case, police say Brantley isn't alone. They've arrested dozens of people more than 20 times -- and they want change.

    "It's very discouraging to see them back out three weeks later re-offending again. So we hope cases like this can improve the entire system," Atlanta Police Maj. Darin Schierbaum said.

    Repeat arrests isn't a new frustration for Atlanta police. Three years ago, Channel 2's Dave Huddleston talked with Chief Erika Shields about it. But now, the Fulton County DA is making changes.

    He sent a letter to local judges asking for major changes that would prohibit magistrate judges from issuing bond for six or more offenses from armed robbery to home invasion to stalking.

    Schierbaum says it's a step in the right direction.

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