Fire breaks out at popular tapas bar, lounge in southwest Atlanta

ATLANTA — Two restaurants are wondering when they will be able to reopen after a fire at a popular tapas bar and lounge in southwest Atlanta.

Channel 2's Lauren Pozen spoke with investigators outside the 255 Tapas Lounge at Peters Street where the fire started Sunday morning.

Atlanta fire officials told Pozen they received a call about the fire around 8 a.m.  When crews arrived, they saw the building already in flames.

Officials said the fire had spread next door to Pearl seafood restaurant and lounge.

“We had significant fire damage in the initial building and moderate damage in the adjoining building.  From the street level, everything is a different picture, but a pretty significant fire at this point," Atlanta Assistant Chief Chris Wessels said.


Crews were able get the flames out quickly and spent most of the morning checking for hot spots.

As investigators work to see what started the fire, people in the neighborhood said they were sad to hear about damage to local staples.

"This is a wonderful area. There are a lot of arts and cultural things that happen here and for the neighborhood it is quite devastating," Delano Maxam told Pozen.