APD interim chief says he’ll ‘be all over the city’ to fight crime, connect with community

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Police Department has a new interim leader. He’s in place as the city conducts a nationwide search to find its next chief.

Channel 2′s Matt Johnson sat down with APD Interim Police Chief Darin Schierbaum Thursday to talk about his plans for fighting crime and connecting with the community.

“I will be all over the city,” Schierbaum said.

Thursday was Schierbaum’s first day as interim police chief. The 20-year APD veteran is taking over after former Chief Rodney Bryant retired Wednesday.

“This is such an honor to serve the city. I love the city of Atlanta,” Schierbaum said.

Schirbaum said his top priorities are preparing for a rise in summer crime, being engaged with the community and maintaining morale within the police department.


“My goal is to ensure we’re giving the men and women the tools they need to do the job right. They’re supported by their chief of police. And I only ask that they rise to the highest standards of our profession,” Schirbaum said.

APD data show homicides are up 29% compared to this time last year. Data also show that homicides are down 72% in the past month.

Schierbaum told Johnson that their approach to tackling gangs and guns will keep making a difference.

“These are the dangerous weapons that we’re working to interdict and remove from the hands of felons before they can be used in the city,” Schirbaum said.

The Illinois native was the assistant chief before the promotion. He said one basic approach to policing hasn’t changed since he was a rookie.

“I have tried to have whatever rank I have, that I see every individual for the human value that they have,” Schirbaum said.