10-month-old shot as mother carried her home from family member’s apartment, police say

ATLANTA — A 10-month-old girl is recovering after she and her mother got caught in the crossfire when a group of women got into a fight and started shooting.

The incident happened on Friday along Alison Court SW.

Police said a mother was carrying her daughter as they were walking home from a family member’s apartment.

The mother was crossing the street when she heard a gunshot. That’s when she noticed her daughter was grazed by the bullet and was bleeding.


The mother said she passed a group of women right before shots started ringing out. She called her mother to take them to the hospital.

The mother and daughter were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital but were then transferred to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston for the child’s injuries.

The child’s “left toes were injured from being grazed by the bullet and she received an abrasion to the upper left thigh,” a police report said.

Police said they continue to investigate this incident and are trying to determine where the shots came from.