'Believe in God': TSU player speaks to Channel 2 as he recovers from brain injury

ATLANTA — Doctors didn't think he'd survive, now, the college football player who suffered a severe injury during a game is making incredible strides.

Channel 2 Action News has been following Christion Abercrombie's story since the very beginning.

The Tennessee State player, who is an Atlanta native, collapsed during a game against Vanderbilt last September.

"I had problems with memory in the beginning, but now it's coming back to me," Abercrombie told Channel 2's Audrey Washington.

After the accident, Christion was rushed to the nearest hospital, in critical condition.

Doctors determined that Christion suffered from a number strokes and had a severe brain injury. His chances of making it through the night were slim. But Abercrombie's parents never left their son’s side.

“I prayed with expectancy because I knew god was going to bless us," said his mother, Staci Abercrombie.


Inside the family’s Smyrna home on Sunday, Staci Abercrombie told Washington, with every step Christion took, she just knew a full recovery was possible.

“He enjoys the sessions with his therapists. He talks about it here at home," she explained.

Christion  has been recovering since his injury at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and continues to make progress. He was able to spend some time with his family during the holidays and recently visited his old school.

He also recently graduated from the Shepherd Center.

Right now, Christion is focused on continuing his rehabilitation and finishing his degree in sports medicine at TSU.

He has this message for other injured athletes still fighting to recover.

“Believe in God because without him nothing is possible. He made everything happen for me," Christion said.

Doctors ran several tests on Christion. They said his brain is healing really well.

The Abercrombie family started a GoFundMe account to cover Christion's rehab. You can learn more here.