Another driver runs into metal beams protecting historic bridge

This marks the 22nd hit in less than two years.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — It's happened again. A driver has run into the metal beam protecting historic Concord Covered Bridge in Cobb County.

The driver of a work van smacked the beam. On the sign, it clearly states the clearance is 7 feet.

This marks the 22nd hit in less than two years.

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"It's always a mess every time someone tries to come through. I don't understand why they even try," said driver Eve Villador.

The crash happened as workers installed a new warning system to protect the bridge.

During that whole ordeal, Channel 2 anchor Craig Lucie watched at truck go back and forth at one point when he backed into the ground he ripped up his neighbor’s irrigation system.

As you approach the bridge there are yellow warning signs about a half mile out.

The county is hoping the new mast arms where plastic covered pipes and chains will hang will end this once and for all.

A county spokesman said Georgia Department of Transportation will be hanging the pipes next week so it's going to be loud if a driver hits them.

We will show you when they are installed and hopefully we won’t have to tell you about any more bridge collisions.