Andre Dickens advances to runoff against Felicia Moore in Atlanta mayor race

ATLANTA — The runoff is set: Atlanta voters will choose between Felicia Moore and Andre Dickens to be the city’s next mayor.

Moore, former Atlanta city council president, received more than 40% of the vote on Tuesday. Dickens, a former councilmember, beat out former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed after the votes were tallied. Only a few hundred votes separated them.

Dickens started surging in the polls the last 10 days.

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“The momentum has been behind me. We’ve been knocking on doors, making phone calls and people are saying yes, we want Andre,” Dickens said.

Moore said that she believes she can win the runoff.

“The probability is most likely there will be a runoff and we will be in it, but the possibility is we can take it all the way. I really hope that happens,” Moore said.

The runoff election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 30.


Kasim Reed released a statement regarding the runoff:

“When I declared my candidacy for Mayor in June, I had one goal: to restore safety in every neighborhood across our city. Like many others, I witnessed the tapestry of diverse communities that make up our city be torn apart by surging levels of violent crime. I ran to ensure that our city could restore its reputation as the economic and cultural engine of the Southeast, where opportunity thrives and everyone has a shot at realizing their dreams. A city where every voice is heard and where everyone feels safe, no matter their zip code.

I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to every member of my campaign, every volunteer and every supporter who believed in my leadership and vision for this city. Although my campaign was unsuccessful, I still believe our city’s future is brightest as one that is united.

I also want to congratulate both Council President Felicia Moore and Council Member Andre Dickens. As the race moves forward in a run-off, I will continue to work on behalf of the city that I love to ensure that we remain that shining city on a hill. Thank you, Atlanta.”