Felicia Moore advances to runoff; Reed, Dickens neck-and-neck in Atlanta mayoral race

ATLANTA — Felicia Moore has advanced to a runoff race, according to the Associated Press. But who her opponent will be is still up in the air.

Former Mayor Kasim Reed and City Councilman Andre Dickens remain neck-and-neck for that spot. Only a few hundred votes separate them.

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Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston caught up with Reed on Tuesday as he thanked about two dozen supporters and waved to cars along Cleveland Avenue in southwest Atlanta.

Reed told Huddleston that he likes how his message on police and safety has resonated with voters.

“I feel really good, and I think I know how the movie’s going to end,” Reed said.

“How does it end?” Huddleston asked Reed.

“I think we have a real opportunity to do well, and I think there’s going to be a runoff and we’re going to have an election on Nov. 30,” Reed said.


Atlanta city council president Felicia Moore told Channel 2′s Richard Elliot that she too expects to be headed for a runoff.

Elliot caught up with Moore in Buckhead Tuesday afternoon trying to rally support and get people out to vote.

She stood out on Peachtree Road by the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center.

Elliot asked Moore if she had any predictions for Tuesday’s race.

She conceded that with more than a dozen candidates, there will probably be a runoff.

“The probability is most likely there will be a runoff and we will be in it, but the possibility is we can take it all the way. I really hope that happens,” Moore said.

Andre Dickens started surging in the polls the last 10 days.

“The momentum has been behind me. We’ve been knocking on doors, making phone calls and people are saying yes, we want Andre,” he said.

Dicken said if he doesn’t end up in the runoff Tuesday night. He gave up his council seat to run but said you will still see him serving the public in some way if he doesn’t advance to the runoff.

“I’m here. I’m here to stay. I’m here to serve. I care so much about Atlanta that I’ll always be here,” Dickens said.

The other two leading candidates in the race included city councilmember Antonio Brown and attorney Sharon Gay.

Rounding out the rest of the 14 people who ran in this race was Roosevelt Searles III, Kirsten Dunn, Kenny Hill, Walter Reeves, Mark Hammad, Richard Wright, Nolan English, Rebecca King and Glenn Wrightson.

The runoff election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 30.