America Strong: Georgia man changing neighbors’ lives $1 at a time

TROUP COUNTY, Ga. — Anthony Talley has one goal on his mind when he wakes up each morning.

“It gives me that push to know that I can make somebody else smile. I can change somebody else’s day even when my day is going bad It fuels me. My goal is to change the world,” he said.

The Troup County man is doing just that: one small act of kindness and $1 at a time.

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Talley started a $1 Thursdays program for his home community in LaGrange. Every week, he finds a person in need and raises money for them.

Talley is no stranger to adversity. Through his grief and challenges, he is fighting harder to help others.

“Back in 2005 I lost a child. Then 5 years later, I lost a 2nd child. I know that everything God has put me through was just to build me up,” he said.”

Talley said the idea for $1 Thursdays started when he and a high school friend were catching up.

“I noticed she didn’t look like herself,” he said. “Upon us talking, she told me some things she’d been going through, and all I could think about was “how could I help her?”


Talley posted a fundraiser on Facebook using a money app. He ended up collecting $120 for his friend.

“Most people think that’s not a lot. But when you’re down bad, that could be everything,” he said.

Talley raised $1,400 for a man battling lupus. Another $2,220 for a local barber battling COVID-19. Another $8,000 for a man whose family’s home burned down.

So far, Talley’s $1 Thursdays have raised more than $20,000 for people in need throughout his community.

“I’m not sending money across the country. It’s right here in our hometown. If I’m putting my word on something, I’m going to see it through. No matter how it goes,” he said.

Talley’s story was featured on ABC News’ GMA 3 as part of the network’s expanded “America Strong” series this month.

“America Strong” has been a feature of “World News Tonight with David Muir” for years as a way to honor and celebrate the quiet, small town heroes all across the country.

WSB Tonight will also introduce you to people like Talley who are making a difference in their Georgia communities.