• 911 calls released in violent home invasion, shooting


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police said Tuesday they are collecting evidence from a violent home invasion and shooting that left a father badly injured.
    The man’s wife, Whitney Lash, escaped with a baby in her arms.
    Atlanta police told Channel 2’s Richard Elliot that the home invasion on Sumter Street over the weekend is a priority.
    Elliot also obtained the 911 call that the wife made as the teens were inside their house.
    “What's going on? Tell me what you see,” the 911 operator said.
    “I just ran outside with my baby. There's a black young man at the front door. He just pulled a gun on my husband,” Lash said.
    That was the call Lash made the moment police say a group of teenagers busted in through their northwest Atlanta front door and shot her husband Mike in the leg.
    Investigators say the teens were there to rob the Lashes as they returned home from vacation.
    As they forced their way in, they shot Mike Lash then chased Whitney out the back door as she carried her 6-month-old daughter.
    Police say they even fired shots at her.

    The incident has many in the neighborhood on edge. Those fears were the focus of a community meeting Tuesday night at Fire Station 28 on Hollywood Road, not far from where the attack happened.

    “It is scary when you're not used to it," Don Penovi told Channel 2’s Carl Willis. "We're kind of in a transition area. We get stuff like this, but they get it in Buckhead. They get it everywhere."

    Neighbors told Willis they were glad there was a big turnout for the meeting.  

    "What I really liked, I don't know if it was what I heard, but I thought I saw, it was a really well attended meeting," Penovi said. "We've got to have continued pressure on the police to come out here."

    Tuesday, Atlanta police said they are collecting evidence including the bullets fired at the couple's home on Sumter Street.
    “Our investigators are continuing to gather information. At this point, we have gathered fragments as well as bullets and sent those off to the GBI for analysis,” said Officer Ralph Woolfolk with the Atlanta Police Department.
    APD is also looking at nearby businesses for security video that may show these teens before or after the home invasion.
    And the GBI is working up a sketch of the perpetrators.
    APD plans to release that sketch as soon as it gets it.

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