• $7K cash found at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

    By: Shae Rozzi


    ATLANTA - Pamela North Hollowaay said she found an envelope full of cash along the curb outside the Park & Ride deck at the International Terminal where she works part time at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

    "I showed the money to the [shuttle] driver then I went right inside and turned it in right away," North Hollowaay told Channel 2's Shae Rozzi.

    She said she watched as her supervisor counted the money and contacted the Atlanta Police Department's airport precinct to pick it up.

    "I could've kept the money but I didn't do that. I'm an honest citizen. I'm a taxpayer and I believe in doing the right thing," North Holloway said.

    Rozzi got a copy of the police report that shows the envelope contained 70 $100 bills.

    A man identified in the report called police to see if someone had turned in the money.

    The report indicates that the man was able to identify specific writing on the envelope and how the money was wrapped.

    A spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department told Rozzi that the man was a podiatrist from Alabama who was on his way to Costa Rica when he lost the envelope.

    Rozzi called the doctor's medical practice to see if he wanted to thank North Hollowaay for turning in the money but a member of his staff stated he was busy seeing patients.

    North Hollowaay just hopes that the money is indeed back in the right hands and says she is glad she did the right thing.

    "Hopefully if that ever happened to me, someone would turn my money back in too," she said.


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