• Take a look at the locations for 5 huge movies filmed around Atlanta

    By: Allie Goolrick


    Watch our special look at the Georgia film industry,"Georgia Goes Hollywood," Wednesday September 13 at 8p

    There's a reason Atlanta is called the Hollywood of the South: if you haven't seen a yellow crew sign or two in the past few years, you're not looking hard enough.

    That's a major reason why we decided to roll out our special Wed. night, "Georgia Goes Hollywood", to spotlight all of the amazing ways that the film industry is transforming our state, from the Marvel franchises filming here to the massive Pinewood Studios complex to the Walking Dead set. 

    Here are some pretty impressive Oscar-nominated films that made Georgia their home base in the past few years:

    Hidden Figures:
    Nominated (2017): Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay
    The rural countryside around Monroe at Fairplay and Sandy Creek roads was the backdrop of a pivotal opening scene where the ladies' car breaks down. (Photos: Hidden Figures/Google Earth)

    Entire city blocks of Monroe, Georgia were transformed into period-era 1960s Hampton, VA. Shops along South Broad Street became '60s diners and shops, and vintage cars lined the sidewalks. (Photos: Hidden Figures/Google Earth)

    The Monroe County Courthouse doubles as the courthouse where Mary goes to convince the judge to grant her permission to attend night classes at an all-white school. (Photos: Hidden Figures/GA Dept. of Economic Development )

    The circular Frederick Douglass Hall stood in for some exteriors and interiors at NASA. The iconic scene where Katherine is forced to run to another bathroom in the rain was shot in the parking lot outside Douglass Hall. (Photos: Hidden Figures/GA Dept. of Economic Development )

     Sully:Nominated (2017): Sound Editing

    Try this for a brain teaser: A film about New York moved to Atlanta -- and turned Atlanta into New York, Texas, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

    For starters, an Alpharetta home doubled as Sully's home in San Francisco. (Photos: Sully)

    The Busbee Center at Gwinnett Technical College was used to film scenes of the National Transportation Safety Board hearing room in D.C. (Photos: Sully, Gwinnett Technical College)
    A scene where Sully goes to a bar was filmed at the Meehan's Public House in downtown Atlanta. (Photo: Sully, Google Earth)
    JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel, which is Lenox Mall's next-door neighbor, doubled as the Alex hotel in New York where Sully and co-pilot Jeff Skiles stayed (bottom left). The Peach State Aerodome in Williamson Georgia doubled as the Texas countryside where Sully learned to fly. (bottom right) (Photos: Sully, Google Earth)
    Nominated (2017): Original Score and Production Design
    J.Law has spent quite some time in Atlanta over the past several years -- since all three Hunger Games films were shot around town. She was back with co-star Chris Pratt to film the sci-fi flick Passengers, which was shot on sound stages at the Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville. (Photos: Passengers, Pinewood Studios)

    Won (2015): Best Original Song
    Nominated (2015): Best Picture
    Like Hidden Figures, Selma has its footprint all over Atlanta. In fact, the movie wasn't filmed in Selma at all, but in Covington, Georgia. The Newton County Courthouse doubled as the historic Hotel Albert, which was torn down in 1969. (Photos: Selma, GA Dept. Economic Development)

    Filmmakers brought vintage cars to the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, which stood in for a courthouse. (Photos: Selma, GA Dept. Economic Development)

    The Georgia Tech Academy of Medicine served as the backdrop for Alabama Gov. George Wallace's speech speaking out against the movement. (Photos: Selma, GA Tech)

    The Blind Side

    Won (2009): Best Actress 
    Nominated (2009): Best Picture

    Two separate Buckhead mansions stood in as the Tuohy's lavish East Memphis estate. (Photos: The Blind Side)

    Atlanta International School and Westminster doubled as the prestigious Wingate Christian School. Agnes Scott was used as a foil for the University of Mississippi. (Photos: The Blind Side, Atlanta International School)

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