• 4 wild pigs on the loose in DeKalb neighborhood

    By: Jeff Dore


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A trapper plans to go after four wild pigs rooting around a subdivision in Lithonia.

    As one of Channel 2 Action News photographers stepped out of his car this morning, he was face-to-face with one of them.

    Neighbors are concerned about what happens if they or their children come face-to-face with the large hogs.

    A viewer pointed out the pig walks with a limp, maybe a broken right rear leg. But it was foraging right out in the neighborhood, right where Brittney Henderson walks her children to the school bus.

    “When we come out in the morning to come to the bus stop, they run ahead of me sometimes. And I won't want anything to attack them, want anything to eat them,” Henderson said.

    Some neighbors said they've seen four wild pigs in the neighborhood.

    Channel 2’s Jeff Dore went to an expert, the owner of Yellow River Game Ranch, home of Ossie the Pig. Normally, Cody Reeves said pigs will try to avoid people, but sometimes they do attack.

    “They have been known to attack people whenever they feel threatened,” Reeves said. “I would stay away from them and call the authorities and see if they can do something about them.”

    Neighbor Jennifer McAllister said one of the wild pigs chased her daughter.

    “My daughter said they chased her. She didn't even have on shoes. And she went banging on the door, banging on the door. We was like ‘what's going on?’ And I opened the door, she said ‘hogs chasing me, they're chasing me,’” McAllister said.

    Neighbors’ nerves have gone hog wild.

    “All last night I kept looking and looking and looking. I hope I don’t see one in the morning. I'm so serious. I don't think i'll make it,” said neighbor Latasha Crawford.

     DeKalb County public safety told Dore a trapper plans to be in the area tonight or in the morning.

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