• 23-year-old woman shot, killed in Riverdale apartment


    RIVERDALE, Ga. - A 23-year-old woman was shot to death in her Riverdale apartment, Clayton County police said.

    Officers were called to the Alexander Falls Apartments around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday to investigate.

    Neighbors were worried as they waited for information on what happened and a possible suspect. Police said they’ve conducted interviews.

    “(It’s) very frustrating because there's a lot of us out here that's single parents. We need to know what's going on,” one resident said.

    Police taped off the staircase to the building as they investigated what happened inside the third-floor apartment. Neighbors said the victim lived in the unit with her brother.

    One neighbor, who didn't want appear on-camera, said he was friends with the victim’s brother.

    “He was traumatized. He was in shock,” the man told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri.

    That neighbor told Viteri he saw investigators take the brother into custody, but police wouldn’t provide details about who’s been questioned.
    “All I can tell you is we have questioned two at this point. We're not at a point where we can disclose who we've questioned, but I can tell you we have talked to two people of interest at this point,” Clayton County police Lt. Anthony Thuman said.

    No arrests have been made so far.

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