21 Savage teaches kids about financial literacy, following their dreams

ATLANTA — Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist 21 Savage and Rep. Hank Johnson recently teamed up to educate kids in metro Atlanta on the importance of financial literacy and following their dreams.

Johnson and 21 Savage made two stops in Georgia’s Fourth District, connecting with more than 100 students.

First, they visited Camp Jewell House Academy. While there, they talked about the value of staying in school.

PHOTOS: 21 Savage, Rep. Hank Johnson teach kids about financial literacy, following their dreams

Johnson and 21 Savage also encouraged the kids to stay away from guns and gang violence.

Students in third and fourth grade got private lessons from 21 Savage about financial literacy.

“For most kids, the focus is on earning money. And while that is important, to really get ahead, you need to know how to manage your money, not just make it,” 21 Savage said.


They also held an assembly for high school students to bring awareness to career opportunities in the music industry and to talk about planning for the future.

“Learning the invaluable lessons of financial literacy at an early age is critical to helping our young people grow and thrive as adults, and close the wealth gap with their peers,” Johnson said.

Later that day, Johnson and 21 Savage met up with college students in Decatur to host the rapper’s “Bank Account” financial literacy workshop.

They talked about the importance of financial literacy and 21 Savage committed $100 to each person who attended the event for the purpose of opening a bank account.

“(21 Savage) is very beloved by the people of Atlanta and the people of our community. He’s a young man who has found success, but he never forgot the community where he grew up,” Johnson said.