• 14 items dropped on New Year's Eve that might be cooler than a peach

    By: Bryan Leavoy


    ATLANTA - For a quarter-century a giant peach has signaled a new year in downtown Atlanta and 2015 won't be much different.

    Peachdrop organizers say the largest New Year's Eve event in the Southeast will feature Ludacris and Sugar Ray.

    It's probably the biggest name at the Peach Drop since Tito Jackson.

    You can watch the Peach Drop live at Underground Atlanta on Wednesday night. If you are staying home watch it on Channel 2, on wsbtv.com or any of our apps.

    Meanwhile we found some other items that may be cooler than a peach that will be dropped or hoisted across America on New Year's Eve.

    The Possum Drop - Tallapoosa, Georgia

    Stuffed by a local taxidermist, Spencer the Possum, drops on New Year's Eve. The town was originally named Possum Snout. A city in North Carolina canceled their live possum drop after an argument with PETA.




    To-Go Cup  - Savannah, Georgia

    This is the second year a to-go cup will be raised in Savannah. Once the six foot cup is high above River Street there'll be fireworks.



    Watermelon Ball - Vincennes, Indiana

    An 18-foot, 500 pound watermelon drops on New Year's Eve then releases real locally-grown watermelons.



    Sardine  - Eastport, Maine

    A sardine crafted by a local sculptor drops on New Year's Eve signifying the area's fishing industry.



    Wooden Flea - Eastover, North Carolina

    This giant wooden flea signifies the community's original name - Flea Hill.


    Acorn - Raleigh, North Carolina

    Nicknamed "The City of Oaks", Raleigh will drop this 900-pound copper acorn.


    Sausage - Elmore, Ohio

    Billed as "The wurst event of the year," the sausage drop is celebrated only once every five years. See this tube of stuffed meat again when we ring in 2015.



    Walleye - Port Clinton, Ohio

    It's the 17th year a walleye has dropped on the Lake Erie shore. The walleye capital of the world has a celebration that includes walleye chowder, sandwiches and of course walleye popcorn.



    Hershey Kiss - Hershey, Pennsylvania

    What else would they drop in Hershey?


    Pickle  - Mount Olive, North Carolina

    The Mt. Olive Pickle Company drops this celebratory cucumber down a 45-foot flagpole.



    Music Note - Nashville, Tennessee

    The Music City has a huge bash on Broadway culminating with the drop of a music note.



    Deuce of Clubs - Show Low, Arizona

    This playing card is also the name of the main street through town in Show Low.

    City to drop a card for New Year’s Eve


    Grapes - Temecula, California

    Celebrate New Year's Eve in wine country with a giant light up bunch of grapes.


    Bologna Drop - Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    This New Year's Eve has a first name and its B-o-l-o-g-n-a. Nothing can ring in a new year like a giant hunk of Bologna lowered from a crane.


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