• HOA Sues Homeowner Over Blue Paint Choice

    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - When Michael Bauer painted his home last summer, he didn't know the light blue color he'd chosen needed approval from his subdivision's homeowners association.

    Now a year later, his color choice has racked up nearly $6,800 in penalties and an unknown amount of attorney's fees.

    Bauer told Channel 2 Action News reporter Ross Cavitt that neighbors never complained about his color choice, but a management company that runs the Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association started assessing the fees. Recently, a sheriff's deputy served him with a lawsuit.

    Neighbors told Cavitt that they do not consider the color shocking, but someone obviously complained.

    Local attorney Michael Treadaway told Cavitt that homeowners associations wield considerable power in Georgia, and their covenants are often upheld in court.

    Bauer said he's not sure what to do. He can't afford to repaint his home and pay the penalties.

    No court date has yet been set.

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