Gov. Kemp urges Georgians to stay in and off of area roads

ATLANTA — Gov. Brian Kemp took to social media Sunday evening to urge Georgians impacted by this weekend’s snowstorm to stay in and off the roads.

“We’ve had a lot of snow, freezing rain, sleet, trees freezing up, a potential for black ice tonight with the temperatures dropping down into 20s,” Kemp said.

Kemp said roads across north Georgia could be dangerous and is asking people to stay off the roads until tomorrow, if possible.

“It’s going to be very treacherous in a lot of parts of our state,” Kemp said. “The potential for downed power lines is very high right now. So the less traffic we have on the roads, the easier it is for our partners to clear the roads and restore power.”


Kemp also thanked all of the crews that have worked long hours to make sure roads are plowed, homes have power and people are safe as the snow continues into the night.

“I want to thank all the folks from DOT, Georgia Emergency Management Agency, our private sector power partners who are working very hard right now to restore power,” Kemp said.

Throughout the day and evening, Channel 2 Action News has shown the mess being left by Sunday’s storms.

Things are expected to remain hazardous throughout Sunday night and into Monday morning as some of the wet roads are expected to ice over.