• Drivers Upset Police Ticketing Outside City Limits

    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Drivers in South Fulton County told Channel 2 Action News that they are fed up with the Chattahoochee Hills Police Department.

    They called Channel 2 complaining that police keep pulling people over outside city limits.

    Investigative reporter Aaron Diamant started getting complaints from drivers a few weeks ago. Leslie Kaley is still fuming mad.

    "It's crazy," said Kaley.

    She got pulled over by Chattahoochee Hills police back in February. She showed Diamant where it happened on Cascade-Palmetto Highway.

    "About where that sign is, where that last truck is passing, is where he turned his blue lights on, and pulled me over here," Kaley explained.

    Both spots she pointed out are outside Chattahoochee Hills city limits.

    "I really didn't think about it at the time," Kalley recalled.

    She didn't give the incident a second thought until her son, Connor Spaulding, got pulled over in May by a Chattahoochee Hills officer further down on Cascade-Palmetto Highway, nearly across the street from the Palmetto police station.

    Spaulding told Channel 2 he's frustrated.

    "My friend, Nolan, was pulled over at Northcutt Road," Spaulding said. "It's about two miles out of their jurisdiction. My girlfriend was pulled over about a mile and a half out of their jurisdiction down Rivertown Road."

    Terry Anderson told Channel 2 that he's already had at least two tickets dismissed by a judge after getting stopped by Chattahoochee Hills police outside the city.

    "That's the reason they threw it out of court, because I was right and they was wrong," said Anderson.

    Diamant went to see Chattachoochee Police Chief Lewis Harper.

    "I've gotten no calls that say they're operating outside the city," insisted Harper. "We take those kind of accusations seriously, and we will investigate it."

    Kaley told Diamant that she has called Chattahoochee Hills to complain.

    Channel 2 will let you know what the chief's investigation turns up.

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