• Dog Found Zip-Tied Behind Retail Store

    UNION CITY, Ga. - A 2-month-old puppy found hog-tied and restrained with zip-ties behind a Walmart store in Union City was barely clinging to life, said Officer Luther Lewis with the Union City Police Department.

    "He was extremely dehydrated," Lewis told Channel 2 Action News reporter Ryan Young.

    Police were alerted to the situation after receiving a 911 call from someone reporting a puppy crying in the bushes near the store.

    The store is located in the 4700 block of Jonesboro Road.

    When officers arrived at the scene, they said the puppy's front and hind legs bound with zip-ties.

    "Don't see how someone could be this cruel, especially a puppy just under 2 months," said Lewis.

    Lewis, who just returned from Afghanistan, has been carrying for the puppy, affectionately named Wally, with the help of a 24-hour vet clinic in Union City. He said he can't believe what some people are capable of.

    "Imagine being hog tied for 48 hours," Lewis said.

    If you're interested in adopting Wally, please call the Union City Police Department.

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    Dog Found Zip-Tied Behind Retail Store

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