• More syringes found in Walmart clothing

    By: Michael Buczyner


    CARTERSVILLE, Ga.,None - Three more syringes have turned up hidden inside clothing purchased at a Bartow County Walmart.

    Four syringes were discovered inside clothing at the same store last week.

    An investigator told Channel 2's Michael Buczyner a needle found on Monday is very similar to the ones discovered over the last two weeks.

    "I've been here 19 years and I've never witnessed anything quite like this," Investigator Billy Henson of the Bartow County Sheriff's Office said.

    Bartow County investigators said at least three more syringes and needles were found inside clothing purchased at this Cartersville Walmart.

    "I heard about it last week but I didn't know it happened again. Something really needs to be done," customer Abeed Bawa said.

    One customer told police Monday they found a needle in a pair of pants purchased Thanksgiving weekend.

    Another customer said they found a syringe in a pair of men's lounging pants.

    And while investigators were at the store Monday, a Walmart manager found another syringe in a pair of pants.

    "We're doing everything we can along with Walmart to protect the customers," Henson said.


    Since Nov. 22, at least seven syringes have turned up at the Cartersville Walmart.

    At least two customers said they were pricked by the needles.

    Last week, Patrica Headrick told Channel 2 she was pricked by a needle when she reached into a package to inspect a Playtex bra.

    "It's mean. I don't understand why someone would do this. It blows my mind," Headrick said.

    Investigator said they were using metal detecting wands to search the clothing at the store for needle.

    They said they are also reviewing hours of surveillance footage.

    But so far no motive and no suspect have been found, just concerned customers.

    A Walmart representative said they believe this is isolated to just one store.

    Meanwhile, investigators are urging anyone who recently purchased clothing at the store to carefully check those items for needles.


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    More syringes found in Walmart clothing