• Man mistakenly thought he was big winner

    By: Clark Howard


    ATLANTA - When Girves Holloway’s son showed him a “Match to Win” mailer from Town Center Nissan, it caught his attention.

    He looked it over and saw that he had matched all 7s, which he thought meant he had won a television. When he called the number on the mailer, he was told to head down to the dealership.

    “I walk into the dealership and the first thing the guy says is, ‘Oh, have a seat,’ and I say, ‘I am only here to claim my prize,’ and he said, ‘What prize?’ and I say, ‘A 70-inch flat screen television,’” Holloway explained

    That’s when the salesman informed him that he didn’t win the TV, and instead offered him a selfie stick.

    Holloway didn’t notice the print stating that in order to win, you needed to match your confirmation number with the number on the prize board.

    In an email, Town Center Nissan’s manager told Channel 2:

    “I am very familiar with the mail piece discussed in this complaint. I do apologize for any poor experience at our dealership. Clearly, that was not the intent. There is nothing for us to gain in upsetting our potential customers.

    I, however, have mixed feelings about the assertion that the ad is misleading. It was reviewed by an attorney and cleared for current law in the State of GA. Many people have participated in the event and understood their odds as they are stated clearly on the front and again in the disclaimer; as is the confirmation code needing to match the code on the prize board at the dealership.

    The fact that the handful of complaints I have received ALL state that they believed they won a 70” Flat Screen TV is interesting. If the piece was as misleading as stated, why didn’t they believe they won the New Nissan Frontier, Apple iPad, or selfie stick?

    Having said all that, we again apologize. Though we are thrilled to give a prize of any level to a potential customer for visiting our dealership, it is not our intent to mislead.”


    Channel 2 Consumer Advisor Clark Howard says reading everything on these types of advertisements is key.

    “This kind of come-on is most common with timeshare presentations. They do have to disclose to you the odds, and when I look at the odds, let me tell you, you have virtually no chance of winning the vehicle or the TV. And sure enough, what does virtually everyone win? The selfie stick,” Howard said.

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