• Brunn: 'I regret everything I did' in Rivera death

    By: Ross Cavitt


    CANTON, Ga.,None - Channel 2 Action News has obtained a chilling interview with a child killer, just moments after he admitted his crime in court.

    Now insight from the interview is giving investigators help on how to save other children.

    Investigators grilled Ryan Brunn for three hours after he pleaded guilty to killing 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera.

    During the interrogation Brunn told the GBI, "I regret everything I did."

    Brunn agreed to spend several hours with GBI investigators to let them learn from him. Initially he denied being interested in little girls until months before luring Jorelys into an empty apartment with plans to rape her.

    But when told two young girls in his past had accused him of groping them he finally admitted molesting the girls he'd babysit years earlier.

    "I guess I did it more than one time, I guess I did a few times, but it wasn't in the same day. But I guess after a while I realized it wasn't happening," Brunn told GBI investigators.

    Brunn said he never raped a young girl but admitted his own actions haunted him.

    "I mean, honestly, I had times when I sat on the porch and wondered what the (bleep) am I doing?" Bunn admitted.


    Brunn told investigators his interest in Rivera was a spur of the moment thing. He admitted making her disrobe and beating her to death, but refused, despite evidence to the contrary, to admit to sexually assaulting her.

    "I never touched her, period, with anything that's what I should have said, but I didn't, I know I didn't," Brunn said.

    When the investigators finished, they left with an invitation from Brunn to visit him in prison. But hours after a Department of Corrections team took him into custody, Brunn hanged himself in his cell.

    But not before leaving behind an eerily prophetic apology.

    "I regret everything I did. I wish I was still working, I wish I could watch the Giants win the Super Bowl, but I guess I'm not going to do any of that,' Brunn said.


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    Brunn: 'I regret everything I did' in Rivera death