Black Lives Matter responds to man accused of fraud for using their likeness

ATLANTA, Ga. — A man who organized a charity for “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” is accused of using the donations for personal purchases like a home and clothing. He is now out of jail and awaiting a federal fraud trial.

Channel 2 News anchor Lori Wilson talked with members of the actual Black Lives Matter group in Atlanta about this case.

Immediately following the death of George Floyd, as the country was energized about the Black Lives Matter movement, the FBI says Sir Maejor Page, also known as Tyree Conyers-Page, used money donated to “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” to fund his lavish lifestyle.

A 10-page indictment says the FBI has been watching Page since April of last year when a confidential informant tipped them off.

In a Channel 2 Action News story from 2016, Black Lives Matter Atlanta had already distanced themselves from Page.

“Sir Maejor Page is not affiliated with Black Lives Matter Atlanta,” group member Tiffany Roberts said.

The indictment says Page registered “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” of “BLMGA” as a non-profit with the IRS and the GA Secretary of State’s office in 2016. The IRS revoked the non-profit’s status for failure to file proper paperwork.

The indictment says between May and August of this year, Page used more than $200,000 in donations to buy expensive suits, stay in luxury hotels and to even buy a house in Toledo, OH.

Black Lives Matter Atlanta posted the following statement to the Facebook page Monday morning:

“This page is not affiliated with any national brand and we are not a non-profit. This page is not affiliated with the page mentioned in the article below. This page will never seek donations. This is a grassroots collective movement to fight for justice for the disenfranchised, and victims of police brutality.”

WSB reached out to the national Black Lives Matter organization. They sent a statement that reads in part:

“The recent and past behavior of Tyree Conyers-Page, also known as Sir Maejor Page, has continued to compromise the integrity of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, supporters and allies. Our stance remains that Mr. Page is not affiliated with Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.”