• Apology email from Neuman shows state of mind before fatal shooting

    By: Jodie Fleischer


    DUNWOODY, Ga.,None - Channel 2 Action News has obtained a copy of an apology email written by slaying suspect Hemy Neuman a month before he shot and killed a Dunwoody father outside his son's preschool.

    Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer obtained the letter, which does not reference Neuman's victim, Rusty Sneiderman, in any way. It focuses mainly on Neuman's relationships with his friends and family and the deterioration of his marriage. But it does give a glimpse into his state of mind a month before the murder.

    Neuman sent the letter to his wife, his children and 15 other friends and family on October 3, 2010. That's just a month and a half before he allegedly drove to the Dunwoody Prep preschool, and shot and killed Sneiderman in the parking lot.

    Sneiderman's widow, Andrea, with whom Neuman is alleged to have been having an affair, was not on the email list.

    The subject line is just one word: 'Sorry.'

    Neuman opens the letter by saying "I am writing this to everyone so to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding. I know this hurts. I am sorry to everyone. I do love all of you very much."


    In a section addressed to his wife, from whom he's now separated, Neuman wrote, "Am I *****ed up... probably... Do I need help... probably. I set up the appointment with the doctor tomorrow because I honestly wanted to see what I could do in my soul to make it right."

    This past September, Neuman's attorneys announced he was changing his plea to "not guilty by reason of insanity," admitting he shot Sneiderman, but saying he didn't know right from wrong at the time.

    “We continue to believe the case should be tried in court and not in the media. But we are aware of this email and we do believe this is consistent with Mr. Neuman's deteriorating mental health around the time of the incident,” said defense attorney Bob Rubin.

    In the letter Neuman told his children "I wish you didn't hate me right now," and that he "can't be a bitter angry husband, father and person." He adds "I take care of those I love and I do not absolve myself of any responsibility."

    Referring to the end of his marriage, Neuman told his family and friends "you are extremely disappointed... I know," adding that "I keep it all in" and "I have my poker face."

    He signs the email, "I love you all, Hemy."

    Three months later, he was in jail charged with murder.

    Sources told Fleischer the email was followed by another, addressed only to Neuman's children, two weeks after the murder.

    It does not reference the murder in any way either, but outlines the demise of his relationship with their mother.

    Esther Panitch, attorney for Reli Neuman, told Channel 2 the separation was directly related to Neuman’s affair with Andrea Sneiderman.

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