• 7 arrested after brawl breaks out at DeKalb Courthouse


    DECATUR, Ga.,None - An all-out brawl broke out at the DeKalb County Courthouse Thursday.

    News Chopper 2 flew overhead as an ambulance pulled up outside and EMS crews rushed to provide care to someone injured during the brawl.

    Witnesses told Channel 2's Ryan Young that two families got into an argument in the hallway when fists started flying. Deputies then responded trying to break up the 25 people involved.

    "Family of the victim walked past us and turned back around and just attacked us. They attacked us, they started beating us. We're screaming 'Security, security'" Tara Morgan said.

    Surveillance video shows a crowded hallway with people and then there is a massive push toward the fight.

    One of the families involved represent Marcus Holloway, who was murdered last year.

    DeKalb police later arrested and charged Antwan Willis with his murder.

    DeKalb Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Adrion Bell said the fight involved three groups of people.

    “There was a mob of about 20 people, consisting of a gang called the ‘Hoe Haters,' gang supporters and the family members of the victims,” Bell said.

    Willis' family said the victim's family attacked them first.

    "If you're not safe in the courthouse where can you be safe at," Marsha Hicks said.


    "You can clearly see there is type of verbal exchange going on and there are some ladies trying to position themselves to create a barrier between the two factions. And that barrier broke down," DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown said. "This is not the first time we had something like. This won’t be the last time we have something like this. Just the nature of human emotions, but my deputies responded quickly."

    Brown told Young both families played a role in the fight but points out his deputies arrived within 90 seconds of the brawl starting.

    "When you have a large group of unreasonable people doing unreasonable things somebody's going to get hurt," Brown said.

    Seven people were arrested in the brawl.


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    7 arrested after brawl breaks out at DeKalb Courthouse